We deliver solutions hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, which increases the efficiency of delivering services to users. And because our team deploys a variety of solutions that are hosted on Azure, we’re able to leverage tools and technologies that both you and Domino Tech can trust.

For example, using deeply integrated Azure Cloud Services, our technical team can rapidly build, deploy, and manage complex applications with ease, as well as leverage Azure’s support of a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices.

Additionally, for many companies that frequently handle a great deal of documents, the storage, search, and retrieval of these pieces can be a challenging technical task. One of the first features deployed in Azure Cloud was the storage of documents,  and we can leverage these capabilities via the Azure Blob Storage feature.


Our cloud-based solutions and services include:

  • Cloud Adoption Plans
  • Cloud Application Design
  • Cloud Management and Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Cloud Connectivity Issues
  • Streamlining Operational Management

Domino Tech also provides superior IT Integrator service support. Our system implementation involves multi-faceted integrated technology solutions to meet all business requirements. And our solutions include hardware (Intel/Dell) and software products from multiple suppliers, including IBM, Red Hat, and Oracle.

We design and build customized application and architecture, and involved integration with new and existing hardware, packaged or custom software and a communications infrastructure.

Our team of subject-matter experts are skilled in architecting and implementing solutions that migrate applications from legacy hardware/mainframe systems and outdated technologies to a modern, web-based solution hosed on a cost-efficient, scalable intel hardware and opensource software.

We phase application migration by hosting via IBM WebSphere Application, using IBM Integration Bus, IBM HTTP Server, and Oracle Database server, as well as Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Server to lower the cost and provide scalable service.