“I have been in the IT field for quite some time and I have worked at small, medium, large, and very large organizations.  As a rule, I view life in terms of the glass-half-full.  With this notion in mind, I choose to recognize the sterling and refreshing experiences I enjoy with our enterprise, Domino Technologies, Inc., that exceed all of my previous experiences.

Beginning with my interview process, to being hired, the on-boarding process, and through regular interactions with the staff, everything is consistently and continuously streamlined, efficient, and well organized.

As there are so many good qualities to mention here, I would like to list a few examples.  I always receive call-backs and email replies in a very timely manner.  Associates actually care and show concern in answering questions or in providing information.  In addition, all important email notifications are sent well in advance allowing a reasonable response time for employees to comply to particular due dates.  Regarding email invitations for events, the email menu selection forms are great as this approach saves time and prevents mix-ups with food and beverage orders.  This ensures that we can focus on good conversation as I certainly enjoy our events that promote socialization with everyone.  In fact, the luncheons and get-togethers are the best I have ever experienced!

Domino is expert in placing candidates into best-fit opportunities.  I am living proof of this as my position at Unisys seems as if it were hand-crafted and custom-fit for me as well as for Unisys.

In closing, I am proud to be part of the Domino Family and I feel as though I have found a home with a top-professional organization whose employees genuinely care about Domino, one another, our clients, their daily work, and overall about other people.  So, it should be no surprise that I actively recommend Domino Technologies to all of my like-minded and responsible colleagues.

Thank you with much appreciation for choosing me to become part of the Domino Family!”

Russell D.