“I just want to thank you again so much! I love working for Domino. Best decision of my professional life. Again, Thank You!”

Kris K.

“I have been in the IT field for quite some time and I have worked at small, medium, large, and very large organizations.  As a rule, I view life in terms of the glass-half-full.  With this notion in mind, I choose to recognize the sterling and refreshing experiences I enjoy with our enterprise, Domino Technologies, Inc., that exceed all of my previous experiences.

Beginning with my interview process, to being hired, the on-boarding process, and through regular interactions with the staff, everything is consistently and continuously streamlined, efficient, and well organized. (more…)

Russell D.

“Best company to work for!!  This is a company where people feel valued and appreciated.  They have gone above and beyond to make me a success! Thank you, Domino Technologies!”

Rebecca F.

“Domino Tech provided me abundant support both personally and financially, and I couldn’t have asked for a better employer with everything that was going on in my life at the time.”

Jeremy M.

“It has been a pleasure working with your team over the past nine months.  I am grateful for all of the opportunities and support provided by the team, especially from Roy and Desa.”

Josh P.

“DTI is a great company.  This experience has been very positive with the entire administrative staff.   The Staff has been very helpful when needed.”

Andrew K.

“Everyone who works at/with Domino is great to work with!  Communications between me and some of the individuals that work there, they are always in contact with me.  Either posting jobs or with just dropping a line to say hello, communications have been a big part of this company.  It’s really nice to have updates within the current job or any potential new jobs that may open up.  Also, the pay is better than previously for me.

Domino Technologies has given me an opportunity to grow in the field of IT, from the last job I had.  I was stuck in one position with not a lot of opportunity to grow.   Where I am at now, I have opportunities to grow!”

Ryan F.

“Domino has been excellent!  I have gotten paid for holidays that normally I would not have unless I worked them.  In my placement, saying that I work for Domino Technologies is spectacular, it’s like being part of a gold standard.”

Mark K.

“I worked at Domino Technologies as a contractor (for less than a year).  They are always friendly and helpful making sure you are well taken care of and have a great detail of understanding of the job you are about to perform for them.  –Don’t ever change your business plan it’s working great!”