Domino Tech provides project management support by thoroughly evaluating the scope and requirements of your project and determining the best course of action to see it through its successful completion. Our exemplary service includes full governance, management, measures, and resources for IT projects or portfolio of IT projects to improve overall business performance. We lead meetings; provide agendas and minutes; maintain risk, action item, and decision logs; and develop communication and stakeholder plans.

Our subject-matter experts can provide support on all enterprise-wide programs, as they are well-versed in many other technologies that will help you with all aspects of project management.

Furthermore, we specialize in supporting and maintaining government project management standards and methodologies.

Our duties include, but are not limited to:

  • PMO Team Resource Loading
  • Developing Project Scope and Charters (Budgets, Timelines, and Delivery Dates)
  • Resource Leveling
  • Team Building and Consensus
  • Budget Management
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Continuous Program/Project Improvements
  • Status Meetings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Incorporating Enterprise Application Security Programs
  • Program Management
  • Implementation and Training
  • Remedy Change Management
  • Testing and Evaluation for System and User

Whether we’re delivering project update presentations to senior executive staff and administration or completing the project lifecycle, we’ll be responsible for coordinating with a cross-functional team of your employees and other contractors to drive success. And we’ll be with you every step of the way by clearly articulating project status with a combination of the appropriate level of technical detail and higher-level summaries required for decision makers.