Domino Tech has 25 years of software development service experience.


We excel at designing and developing modern, cloud-based systems that automate application processes. One of the ways we accomplish this is by transforming legacy systems that still use manual processes into convenient cloud-hosted solutions that can be accessed by users anytime, anywhere using any type of device.

Best-in-Class Solutions and Team

Our skilled team of subject-matter experts participate in all Agile Scrum meetings to analyze requirements and prepare stories as well as tasks.

This technical team will also:

  • Understand government customer requirements and implement designs, along with a UI/UX Designer.
  • Perform significant coding tasks, as well as mentoring, assisting, and reviewing the work of other developers.
  • Explain the requirements to developers and track the story in daily Scrum meetings.
  • Provide functional and technical support to developers during the development phase.
  • Perform code reviews and code scans for each sprint plan.
  • Participate in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, implementation, and testing.
  • Conduct functional requirements gathering, technical design, implementation, and code mentoring for junior developers.

In addition, deliverables from our Business Analysts include use-case documents, activity diagrams, and Wireframes using Microsoft Visio. Our team also develop test plans, test scripts, and conduct UAT testing with business users. They also create user training manuals and provide training to business/end users, as well as develop, coordinate, and maintain process mapping activities and documentation. All of this results in successful developments and outcomes.

Some of the technologies we use are as follows:

  • Vue.js
  • SpringBoot
  • SpringJPA
  • AzureDevOps
  • Java 11
  • Oracle
  • JBoss
  • Apache TomCat
  • Node.js.

Domino Tech creates applications that can automate the manual process and eliminate the dependency on your legacy databases and systems. For example, depending on the nature of your project, our applications can allow you and your staff to streamline repetitive manual tasks and save the time and effort needed to generate accurate reports. We create applications whereby all corrective actions can be tracked through the system, and we design and develop portals with user-assigned access permissions.

We not only design and implement superior, efficient solutions, but we also maintain the technology through multiple iterations.

Our expert team of business analysts conduct sessions with your employees to gather key requirements, objectives, and goals that drive all other subsequent lifecycle phases. They’ll also document the business problem to be solved in terms of verifiable and traceable characteristics and constraints. In addition to key program-level requirements, these subject-matter experts capture operational concepts and program-level interfaces. We also continuously reference these requirement documents throughout the project lifecycle phases to ensure that deliverables from the project meet the approved requirements.