eGrants is Domino Tech’s Grant Management System and part of a suite of products by which grantees can apply for grants and the granting agency can evaluate applications, make necessary recommendations, allocate funds, and get approvals and eSignatures by following customized workflows and performing several other related functions.

Explore the many ways Domino Tech’s Best-in-Class Grant Management System can help you manage, submit, and track your applications!

  • Centralized Listings provide applicants with a comprehensive grant program listing. Applicants can view all program requirements and grant specifications.
  • Managing Multiple Applications allows you to apply for multiple funding sources for the same project.
  • Applicant Account Management lets you setup a user ID and password to access and manage your applications.
  • Application Management includes a variety of functions to create, modify, and submit applications for grants, including a search function to review and select grants from various programs.
  • Streamlined application process allows for configurable workflows, program defaults, and electronic signatures.
  • Organize grant approvals, request payment, interface with financial systems and provide a wide variety of reports.
  • Quick and Efficient Process lets you receive an instant application confirmation email once they complete and submit their grant applications online.
  • Our 24/7/365 mobile-friendly site gives you the power to manage and submit applications anywhere, anytime.
  • Save time and money with a modern, web-based system that doesn’t require software downloads.

eGrants Best Practices

To underscore the importance we place on eGrants, Domino Tech designed a best practices that focuses solely on Grant Management Systems. Our practice brings together processes and practitioners dedicated to the challenges of implementing a Grant Management System.

Domino Tech’s eGrants Best Practices encompass:

  • Reusable tools and accelerators
  • Enterprise frameworks that guide application design and development
  • Industry experts with a deep knowledge of tools, technology, and processes
  • Applied modernization strategies to unique business demands

Domino Tech is a leader in providing incremental application modernization solutions and services, with a proven track record of success as demonstrated by our work on similar projects. As part of our Practice, we developed a standardized application modernization process that we apply to all projects.

The Domino Tech Distinction ensures you’ll receive the help and system you deserve. We accomplish this by consistently delivering an efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective grants management system to our clients.

With more than 100 practitioners, Domino Tech stands out from competitors by providing full end-to-end capabilities. We utilize our deep industry knowledge and experience to deliver solutions tailored to public sector agencies like yours.