Work with recruiters who know their stuff

Domino Technologies, Inc. has a long history and extensive experience in a wide range of IT solutions and staffing services.

We recruit candidates with cutting-edge skills, industry experience and a proven record of success.

Our team can help you with:

  • Filling talent gaps
  • Completing complex projects
  • Increasing workforce flexibility
  • Locating high-quality candidates


Specialized technical consultants offer expertise for short- and long-term projects. Access in-demand talent without adding to your full-time headcount.

Try a Domino Technologies consultant at your location to assess their skills and how well they fit into your organization before making an employment offer.

Improve your hiring results and retention. Domino Technologies recruits, screens and refers the most highly qualified candidates for you nationwide, saving you time and keeping costs down.

Simplify scheduling, reduce costs and improve the quality of contract employees with this proven and comprehensive high-volume staffing program.

Offload the complex and time-consuming tasks associated with recruiting candidates for your team. Domino Technologies assumes responsibility for the entire process.

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