One of the many ways in which we help our customers achieve improvement is by investigating gaps and re-engineering business processes to address all issues and streamline systems. We gather business and technical requirements by facilitating detailed sessions with both management and staff in order to perform needs assessments and assessments of business process flows.

We identify, document, and assess these processes at every level by also working with business experts and collecting your agency-, company-, or organization-specific information relevant to processes, requirements, and issues of every type. From there, we implement incremental improvements throughout our consultations. This approach to development, facilitation, and implementation of your systems allows for a better, human-centered design conducive to your, your employees’, and your customer’s satisfaction.

Current versus Optimal Performance 

As part of the Domino Tech Distinction, we achieve improvement by first analyzing the current state of your processes/operations before developing the optimal state.  We’ll provide guidance on suggested system processes for seamless integrations by evaluating system performance and recommending changes to improve the support of business processes.

Our performance and process improvement services include:

  • Performance improvement risk assessments
  • Performance improvement evaluations
  • Performance improvement requirements gathering (business and technical)
  • Performance improvement project planning
  • Performance improvement training programs and workshops
  • Performance improvement business case development and business relationship management
  • Performance management
  • Business process and operations performance improvement
  • Instructional design for performance improvement training
  • Workflow analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Change management

Remember, we’re here to solve your problems. Based on your requirements, we’ll design a solution that streamlines management tasks, creates more efficient business processes, and even allows for scaling of your operations.  Regardless of your specific needs, we’ll be there with you throughout the life of your project.