The Tech Professional’s Guide to a Winning LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile optimization

In today’s tech landscape, exceptional skills alone aren’t enough. Building a well-developed online presence is crucial to stand out from the crowd. Leveraging our vast experience in reviewing LinkedIn profiles, we have uncovered essential strategies for crafting a profile that stands out and captures attention in a competitive landscape. A well-crafted LinkedIn profile is not… Read More »

Ace Your Interview: Essential Tips for Job Candidates

acing your job interview

Landing a job interview is an exciting step in your career journey but can also be a nerve-wracking experience. At Domino Technologies we want to help you put your best foot forward. Here are some tips to help you excel in your job interviews and make a lasting impression. Look the Part: Dress for Success… Read More »

Our Key to Success: Fostering an Employee-First Culture at Domino Technologies

employee-first culture

Since our establishment in 1996, Domino Technologies has risen to become one of the industry’s top IT consulting and recruiting firms. Over these years, we have achieved significant milestones, including an astounding 90% contract renewal rate and a prestigious client portfolio. Our success is not only a result of our expertise but also our commitment… Read More »

The Winning Combo: Six Essential Soft Skills We Value in Our Candidates

Soft Skills in Tech Industry

In the competitive landscape of the tech industry, having the right technical skills is a given. But at Domino Technologies, we know that the true mark of a standout candidate lies in their soft skills. Soft skills, the non-technical qualities that enable individuals to effectively interact with others, are crucial for success in any role.… Read More »

The Domino Effect: Diverse Minds, Unified Vision

Diverse and Inclusive Tech Company

At Domino Technologies, our identity as a diverse and minority-owned company is deeply ingrained in every layer of our organization, defining our approach to innovation, collaboration, and leadership. Our diverse team is not just a reflection of the world around us; it’s the driving force behind our innovative solutions and inclusive approach. By embracing diversity… Read More »

6 Reasons You’ll Love Working With Domino Technologies

technology career

When the U.S. government faces a problem they can’t solve, they call in special agent Ethan Hunt (and his ragtag team of rogue agents) to evaluate the situation and come up with solutions only they can offer. Such is the plot of the 1996 classic Mission Impossible. And while the stakes were much (much, much)… Read More »

2019 IBM Data Tech Summit, Perry Shindle Presentation

In early October of this year, Perry Shindle, a DB2 for z/OS Specialist working at PennDOT, gave a presentation at the annual IBM DB2 Data Tech Summit held in San Jose, CA.  The IBM Data Tech Summit is a technical-oriented conference that focuses on IBM’s DB2 database management software, as well as IBM’s DB2 Tools software.  Perry’s… Read More »

Perry Shindle Presents at the 2018 IBM DB2 Data Tech Summit

Perry Shindle, a DB2 for z/OS Specialist working at PennDOT, recently made a presentation at the IBM DB2 Data Tech Summit held in San Jose, CA in early October.  Perry’s presentation was entitled “DB2 for z/OS Autonomics – 2018 Update”.    The conference was attended by IBM DB2 customers from all over the US. Since mid-2015,… Read More »