6 Reasons You’ll Love Working With Domino Technologies

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When the U.S. government faces a problem they can’t solve, they call in special agent Ethan Hunt (and his ragtag team of rogue agents) to evaluate the situation and come up with solutions only they can offer. Such is the plot of the 1996 classic Mission Impossible.

And while the stakes were much (much, much) lower, that’s sort of how we felt when we launched Domino Technologies that same year. We were a ragtag team of technology enthusiasts who wanted to create something bigger than ourselves. We set out to bring the best and most innovative technology-based business solutions to our clients in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, utilities, and manufacturing industries.

More than 25 years later, our reputation and expertise have established us as one of the leading technology-based business solution companies. And now we’re expanding our team of contractors for a new phase of growth. 

Are you excited to join a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to saving the world (sort of?) one technology-related problem at a time? We hope you’ll consider working with us! 

Here are 6 reasons we think you’ll love growing your career with Domino! 

We’ll Never Put You In a Box: We work with a diverse array of clients on all kinds of technology-related projects. We help you find projects that get you fired up and excited to get out of bed on a dreary Monday morning!  

We Give Back to the Community: All our employees and associates live in Central Pennsylvania, so we work with local non-profit organizations, including United Way of Capital Region, Bethesda Mission, Penn State Thon Pediatric Cancer Fund, American Cancer Society, and Cumberland County Library System. 

You Can Settle In: We understand that you may decide to leave someday, but if you’re like most of our contractors, it won’t be anytime soon. We’re proud of the fact that people love working with us, and they tend to stick around for the long run! 

We’re Small Enough to Know You: When you work at Domino, you’ll be more than just a number. We’re a small enough organization that we can get to know our contractors. That means we understand your skills, and we will think of you when we see a great job that matches your background. 

You’ll Get Top Tier Benefits: We offer top-of-the-line benefits to all our contractors. We offer the basics (like health insurance and paid vacations) and unexpected perks like Flexible Spending Accounts and Short-Term Disability. We want you to see Domino Technologies as a long-term partner on your path to career success. 

We Help Grow Your Career: When you work as a Domino contractor, we don’t just find you a job and move on to the next recruit. We maintain relationships with all of our contractors after a job is secured, and we continue to be a resource for you as you move up the ladder or choose to go a new direction in your career. 

But don’t take our word for it! Here are some things our contractors have said about working with us.

“Best company to work for!! This is a company where people feel valued and appreciated.  They have gone above and beyond to make me a success! Thank you, Domino Technologies!” (Rebecca F.)

“Domino Technologies has allowed me to grow in the field of IT from the last job I had.  I was stuck in one position with little opportunity to grow.   Where I am now, I have opportunities to grow!” (Ryan F.)

“I am proud to be part of the Domino Family, and I feel as though I have found a home with a top-professional organization whose employees genuinely care about Domino, one another, our clients, their daily work, and overall other people. Thank you, with much appreciation, for choosing me to become part of the Domino Family!” (Russell D.)

“Domino has been excellent!  I have gotten paid for holidays I normally would not have unless I worked them.  In my placement, saying that I work for Domino Technologies is spectacular; it’s like being part of a gold standard.” (Mark K.)

Are you a technology professional looking to advance your career? Discover how a career with Domino Technologies can propel you to new heights. 


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