The AI Wave is Coming: Is Your Business Ready?

AI adoption strategies

The year was 1999, and John Carpenter was about to make history as the first-ever winner of the popular TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? He was down to his last question when he finally used his first “lifeline” to call his father. When his dad answered the phone, John said, “I don’t really need your help. I just wanted to let you know I’m gonna win the million dollars.” This pop-culture blast from the past is having a resurgence on Instagram, a platform that didn’t exist when John made his phone call (from a landline) on a TV show you had to watch while it aired live. The comments on the post are mainly from people waxing poetic about the past – a time when Google was barely a year old and life seemed simpler. 

Fast-forward nearly 25 years, and everything has changed! We used to imagine a future with self-driving cars, smartphones, and robots. Today, robots vacuum our floors, and drones deliver our packages. And all of a sudden, artificial intelligence is everywhere. Today, we carry AI in our pockets and engage with it via ChatGPT and Alexa. But tomorrow, it will be woven into every piece of our lives. And if you manage a business, you must be ready for the rapid rise of AI. 

There are seemingly endless ways to incorporate AI into your business, from marketing analytics and smart operating systems to content creation and financial planning. We can’t tell you which systems to use for your brand. Instead, we hope you’ll adopt these strategies to best prepare for AI’s impact on your business. 

The 6 Golden Rules of AI Adoption

Make an AI Game Plan: A failure to plan is a plan to fail. No matter what space you operate in, you need a plan for AI adoption. Your plan should include:

  • Do you need a designated Chief AI Officer? 
  • How will you choose which technologies to adopt?
  • What will your training protocol be for new systems?
  • How much will you allow your employees to use AI in their day-to-day operations?
  • How will you measure and report on the impact of AI? 

Let Your Vision Guide AI Adoption (Not The Other Way Around): No amount of productivity or convenience should undermine your company’s vision. Choose the things you value most, and then find ways to enhance those things using AI.

Take a Customer-First Approach: Some machine learning systems will boost efficiency for your team and streamline your internal processes, but these same systems could make things more challenging for your customers. Remember why you’re in business in the first place, and put the customer first.

Stay Flexible and Agile: The AI wave is coming fast, but it’s just the first wave. This first batch of AI systems is the equivalent of AOL in the 90s. Machine learning gets smarter every day, and your team needs to stay flexible and agile to embrace new technologies as they become available. 

Get Creative: The coming wave of AI technology can solve common business problems better than ever before. But what’s more impressive is that it can solve previously unsolvable problems. Take a step back from your business and look at your systems through fresh eyes to find ways AI can open previously locked doors. 

Update Your Underlying Systems: When it comes time to incorporate new AI technology into your existing operations, you don’t want to have to pour a new foundation first. Ensure your base systems are fully updated and optimized so you’ll be ready to enhance them with AI in the future.

However you choose to embrace the new AI wave, it’s essential that you have a solid foundation for your business. Want a partner who can solve your most challenging technology problems? Contact Domino Technologies to learn how we can help.

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